Pure Luxury Tucked Away In The Mountains of Tehachapi , it's not just a venue it's an experience ......
   Rustic Elegance at its Finest ...

 We are the perfect indoor/outdoor                 Wedding/Quinceanera            venue.  

We are available for tours Thurs - Sun but you can call us 7 days a week                                                       Looking for  wedding reception venues on a budget ? we are the perfect party hall for your rustic wedding. We are a reasonable wedding venues near Bakersfield , Lancaster , Palmdale , simi valley , santa clarita, Victorville, Antelope valley , Ridgecrest and Los Angeles. For that small , unique ,rustic barn wedding venue on a budget we are the place for your destination wedding. Want a rustic wedding for your big wedding receptions venues . Our country wedding venue is wonderful  Wedding venues in Bakersfield near me.  our barn wedding reception venues in Bakersfield  ca  is close to your location 


Luxury Package Vendors 

Excellent MC / DJ AND Photobooth included !! 

This is a TOP Professional MC type DJ  from LA/ Orange County,  he spends sit down time with you to get it perfect  then you get 6 hours of DJ'ing  fun. 
 You get a  reception planned to your desires & specifications, professional sound system , big music Library, Lighting system and wireless microphone included. Additional sound system for ceremony with background music : before - during - and after ceremony. Photo booth is included 


Amazing Photography Package

2 Amazing, experienced photographers for one price !!  From the moment you show up at the venue, till the end of the party these Pro's will make your photos magical....
Imagine almost 900 photos will be taken and they will be edited to perfection ! A DVD will be made for you to keep and print out everything you want .

Outstanding High Quality Fresh Flowers
Bridal package includes 1 bouquet ,  in cascading or handheld. With matching flowers in the following :           6 maids bouquets , 1 toss bouquet,
8 boutonnieres , 2 mothers corsages and 14 centerpieces  ( these are 12 inch round )  
The brides bouquet will have have approximately 12 - 18 roses in it depending on what other flowers you wish to put in.  
     If you want hydrangeas - they can come in blue, white, antique, green or pink. Roses come in light pink, hot pink, white, green, yellow, light lavender or dark purple. Specialty - unusual flowers will be an upcharge for the customer as our flower packages are based around roses  :) 

 The Goodie lady for Cakes and yummy treats :))
We have an amazing lady that will do a fabulous wedding cake for 120 guests ( our packages our based on 100 people so she makes a little extra )  She will also make you a HUGE assortment of goodies that can go in the antique hutch, the barrels and along the drink area. Her flavors are moist and exquisite !! and her attention to detail is mind blowing ....     You get 50 dipped pretzel sticks  with decor in your color , 24 cake balls in chocolate or Red Velvet ( it taste like brownies ) 24 Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies  , 24 Chocolate covered Oreos , 96 Mini Cupcakes , and a 3 tier cake: bottom layer is 10",  8 " and top is 6" layer. The cakes are normally buttercream but you can also have the cakes covered in soft home made marshmallow fondant ( not a store bought hard fondantThis will serve  100 people a 1 inch slice.  Rice Crispies and oreos will be round or square depending on if  your cake is round or squareThe filling of the cake can be any flavor you want. Fresh dipped strawberries are available Feb - Sept only .
***** Any special 
decorations on the cake or other items may be an extra charge just ask the baker for any questions you might
 have. Things can be as wild as you want for an extra charge :)
Cake or Pie pops are $1.75 -$2.25 depending
 on weight . Carmel apples ( mid - size ) $2.50 each. 1 dozen pudding shots with whipped cream $15 . 2 dozen Patron Cupcakes $40 


These 2 next vendors are NOT included but they can be switched for one of the other vendors OR included also for an extra fee .

Artist to draw your guests !   its really neat and popular 

Ice Carvings 
300 lb block of ice carved right in front of your guests if you want !! Winner of Alaskan International Ice carving competition . He can carve anything you want :))

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