Pure Luxury Tucked Away In The Mountains of Tehachapi , its not just a venue its an experience ......
Rustic Elegance at its Finest 

Hotel & Services

Hotel : I've been to the local hotels and I picked this one as the MOST quiet one ( we have a local train that runs thru town ALOT - and the guests told me about the noise ) this hotel is on a quiet hill with a gym and heated pool & jacuzzi. You get a hot meal for breakfast and it has a micro and a fridge . A really good Denneys is across the street . Its all new and they will do a special for us if you rent 10 rooms and say its for Rose Garden they will knock the price way down to $119 a night :)) Holiday Inn Express 661-822-9837 901 Capital Hills Pkwy Tehachapi

Pizza for your event can be delivered to the venue for the free kids table we set up :) 
We use Old Town Pizza. They make a really top quality cheesy pizza and their medium is the size of most places large. Just let them know what time you need them ( you must give them at least an hours notice) and they will deliver to the venue  661-822-3558 
******They give us a special deal !! you have to say Rose Garden Estate and they will sell you a 16 inch cheese pizza for only $10 or get a 22 inch pizza or $25 . The 22 inch pizza is the size of 3 pizzas so its a great deal :)) 

We found a GREAT local company to take your guests to the event and back to the hotel afterwards. They have a HUGE 25 person bus with cold Bottled water and a Big Screen TV . You get 4 round trips for in Tehachapi for $495 .They will now do 4 round trips to Bakersfield for $875. For the Palmdale Lancaster area they will do 4 round trips for $975.
People can have drink all they want and they don't have to worry .  Call us for details :) 

Click on this link to go to Basic Invite :     www.BasicInvite.com   

Tehachapi is only 45 minutes  from Bakersfield Or Lancaster but it is a world away. 
Hotels are only 12 minutes away in town. Prices range from $80 to $139. We have fabulous restaurants and sights to see . Antique stores , The train depot , the Adorable Alpaca farm and lots of parks to play in.   We keep a Telephone book at the BnB so you can look all these neat things up :))
 Cool summer temperatures averaging 85 degrees in the day to 67 degrees at night from June thru Oct make these mountains a breezy retreat from the heat. Fall is an exciting time from Mid Oct thru mid Dec. The leaves turn to gold and bright reds and the air is filled with pine breezes and lovely cloudy sunsets.

Winter is breathtaking !! Soft dove grays and creamy whites are the backdrop . Light sprinkles of snow glaze everything and soft white clouds of mist and fog layer upon the mountains for a dreamy effect. Spring time starts in May with lovely flowers and green grass . Orange Poppies , lupines and other wild flowers fill the mountains with color. Crisp air and clean breezes make you feel alive as new life fills the landscape. As summer comes in June the feeling of warmth and cool breezes completes the magical circle of life in Tehachapi . You will love it here just like we do :))

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