Pure Luxury Tucked Away In The Mountains of Tehachapi , its not just a venue its an experience ......
Rustic Elegance at its Finest 

Catering Menu's

We have 3 fabulous 5 STAR Caterers !!
Read the reviews our food is AMAZING & OVER FLOWING..

( For Amazing Cake people go to our MORE wedding services page :))

#1  Our first Wonderful and Generous Caterer  
Main Dishes : Choose  2


Deep Pit BBQ Shredded Pork

Garlic Chicken Breast in Cream Sauce

Teriyaki Chicken w/ Pineapple
Chicken Parmesan w/Mozzarella cheese
Mushroom Chicken in gravy Lasagna

Pastas & Sides :  choose 3

Ranch Potato Salad -Served warm with Bacon White Rice

Rice Pilaf
Roasted Green Beans

Vegetable Medley of Broccoli, Cauliflower,Carrots

Penne with choice of Alfredo-Marinara-Tomato Cream or Pesto

Meat or Cheese Ravioli with choice of sauce Pesto / Tomato cream / Alfredo  sauce 

Salads :  choose 1

Garden Salad with Ranch and Italian
Blue Poppy Salad with Sunflower seeds,raisins & croutons (with blue poppy salad dressing)

Raspberry Salad with glazed Pecans,Cranberries,Blue Cheese (with croutons in a Raspberry Vinaigrette ) 

Coleslaw salad or Broccoli Salad 

****Fresh Fruit platter Or Imported Cheese & Crackers platter or both -served between Ceremony and dinner ****

 #2 Truly Magnificent Mexican food !!  

A lady will be onsite to make FRESH handmade Tortillas for your meal !!
They will be dressed in Traditional Mexican outfits to serve :)

 after the ceremony will be tiny fresh bread bowls with Chicken Salad.  

You pick 1 Tamale : Cheese with Jalapeño or  pork or  Chicken 
( these tamales are MAINLY meat NOT masa- their great :) 

You pick 1 : Chile Verde or Chili Colorado or Chicken Mole 

You pick 2 : Enchiladas with your choice of Cheese or Chicken in a red or green sauce 
This meal includes fresh traditional fluffy Rice & Creamy Beans 

#3 The finest chef we know !!
Trained in Paris at 
the Cordon Bleu !! , writer of cook books, owner of restaurants around the world , Ilona Klar  Masterchef from Hungary has come to live in Tehachapi .

 There is a $500 upgrade for this package. 

Appetizers included after ceremony :
Crab Dip with Pita chips & Bacon wrapped Dates

Includes all 3 : Angus Eye Round Roast Beef with Mushroom sauce 
Amazing Slow Roasted Pork Belly   YUM ! 
Eggplant Parmesan with Goat Cheddar cheese in a Marinara Sauce 

Side Included are : Garlic Mashed Potatoes , Sweet garlic corn kernels and Seasonal Roasted Vegetables 

Choice of Salads Pick 1 : Spinach salad with Asian Fusion peanut dressing or Mixed Greens with Balsamic Vinaigrette & olive oil 

Fresh made dinner rolls and creamy butter will be provided 

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